Other Expertise and Experiences

I have traveled an interesting path.

  • I have a Ph.D. in microbial genetics and post doctoral training in cellular immunology.
  • I have been
    • a high school science instructor,
    • a Fortune 50 Company researcher,
    • a venture capital investor,
    • the CEO of a medical device company and of a financial service company and
    • a management consultant serving investors and management of small medical products companies.
  • Now I have added professional genealogist to this list.

I probably have more training and experience in research methodology and practice than most genealogists. Besides my formal genealogy research training and experience, I have over 14 years as a doctoral level biological researcher in academia and industry. These same skills were also used for 10 years in the venture capital investment arena. The principles of good research are universally applicable to any intellectual pursuit whether it is to discover a new drug or the next generations of one’s ancestors