Fees and Terms


Research and Consulting Fees:

  • The basic fee for research and consulting is $40 per hour. This covers research, analysis and report preparation. Inquire for rates relating to legal work.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses will always be billed at cost. Expense items over $25 will be supported with copies of original bills.
  • Travel is billed at $0.55 per mile.
  • If an assignment requires an overnight stay, the charge is a minimum of $450.
  • I will not bill any hourly fees, travel or out-of-pocket expenses beyond your pre-approved limits, given in writing.

Lecture and Class Fees:

  • Inquire regarding my fee for lectures and classes which are usually an hour in length. Some of them can be given in a workshop format extending for two hours or more. All out-of-pocket expenses will be billed as outlined above.


Research and Consulting:

  • A deposit of $80 for a minimum of two hours work is required of all new clients.
  • If you wish, I will send you a contract or a letter of understanding.
  • Work will start once the deposit has been received and you have provided me with the details of your request in writing plus copies of relevant past research and supporting documentation.
  • Payment will be due 15 working days after a report has been sent.
  • I reserve the right to use documents collected during the research in articles or lectures unless you request me not to. Information regarding living people will be kept confidential. The research reports may be used by me in support of my certification applications, and renewals.

Lectures and Classes:

  • The lecture fee is due at the time of the presentation. Expenses will be billed later, with payment due in 15 working days after the date of the invoice.
  • The lecture or class sponsor will provide either an overhead projector or a computer projector and a screen suitably sized for the audience and a table or podium for lecture notes.
  • I will provide masters of all handouts in advance. These are copyrighted materials that may not be published by the sponsor or attendees.
  • Presentations may not be recorded or filmed.