Internet for Genealogists

Session I

Click on the items below to download PDF versions of these materials. These require a PDF file reader. You can download Adobe Reader here. Alternatively, you could use the much faster Foxit reader which can be downloaded from here.


In class exercises

At home exercises

Mary’s Session 1 Handout

Session 2

Class outline

Class exercises

Mary’s Handout

Ancestry census search criteria

Check the links under Session 3 for programs needed for the next class.

Session 3

Session 3 Notes

Session 3 Exercises

Session 3 Outline

Mary’s Notes for Session 3

We will be discussion capturing all or part of web pages. Screenshot Captor is a very good free program for that purpose.
Screenshot Captor

We will be discussion opening and doing minor manipulation of downloaded images. Any of the free programs listed below will do the job well. However, there are many other image viewer/manipulation programs that can also do the job as well.




Here is a link where you can learn about the Zotero plug-in for either Word or OpenOffice that will past a preformated citation into your word processor.
The Zotero word processor plugins for MS Word and OpenOffice

Session 4

Session 4 Outline

Session 4 Notes

Session 4 Exercises

Websites for Connecting to Family