Lecture Topics

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Methods of Genealogical Research

  1. Research Methodologies. How to Plan Your Research.
  2. How Do I Get Started With MY Genealogy The Right Way?
  3. How to Evaluate Genealogical Information. Which Record is Correct?
  4. Now That I Found It, How Do I Organize It?
  5. Finding an Immigrant's Place of Origin
  6. How Can I Become a Better Genealogist?
  7. Genealogical Research at the Minnesota Historical Society.
  8. Learning by Example. Case studies using indirect evidence.
  9. Have a Great Trip! Planning the Before, During and After of Your Research Trip.


  1. Getting Started With Your Irish Genealogy.
  2. Irish Genealogy on The Internet
  3. Irish Estate Records
  4. Irish Places and Jurisdictions
  5. What Are The Key Books for An Irish Genealogy Library?
  6. Doing Scottish Research From Here. Using the Internet and the Family History Library to Find Your Scottish Ancestors.
  7. Scottish Genealogy on The Internet
  8. Digging Deepter into Scottish Records

Records and Sources

  1. Get Full Value from U.S. Census Records
  2. Church and Vital Records - the bedrock of genealogy
  3. Start At The End! Death: A Record Rich Event.
  4. Finding Ancestors in Land and Tax Records.
  5. Researching Records of Government Transfer of Land to Individuals:
  6. Finding and Using Private Land Transactions and Tax Records:
  7. Are Your Ancestors in Minnesota Land Records?
  8. Becoming An American: Naturalization – The Process, The Law and The Records
  9. What Did Your Ancestor Do in the War? Using Military Records for Genealogical Research
  10. Did Your Ancestors Have Their Day in Court? Research Court Records.
  11. What Happened to Your Ancestor’s Estate? Look to Probates and Wills for Many Clues to Relationships and Family History.
  12. Genealogy and The Law - What was it when and where Your Ancestors Lived?

Technology and the Internet

  1. Image Management for Genealogists
  2. Scanning for Genealogists
  3. Getting the Most out of the FamilySearch Website
  4. How Can I Be Better at Using the Internet for My Genealogy?
  5. Finding Books and Manuscripts Online.- NUCMC, ~WorldCat, ~MNLink – Oh My!
  6. ScreenShot Captor - An Excellent, Free Tool for Capturing Anything on Your Computer Screen
  7. Downloading, Organizing and Using Online Images of Record