I offer a full range of genealogy services.

If you need help extending your ancestral line, I can help you by performing the research for or with you. If you or your organization want help learning more about how to research more effectively or how to use a particular record type such as land records or how to evaluate and organize what you already have, take a look at my instructional services and lecture topics. If you have finished most of your research and want help either with organizing or compiling and publishing it, take a look at the services I offer in this area. Maybe you are planning a major research project; I can help you with project management – either by helping you plan the project and/or managing the effort. Sometimes you may want to talk to someone about your genealogy to get new ideas on where to look next, to help analyze what you have already found, to learn more about how to use software more effectively or help with editing your final output. I offer one-on-one consulting that can be tailored to your particular needs.