Sometimes the fresh eyes of a trained professional can make all the difference.

When you have hit that proverbial “brick wall,” getting some expert input may be the most expedient way forward. This is where I can help.

I can review your work, identify problems and provide likely paths to solutions. I can take your objective(s) and based on what you have already done, give you a plan for moving to the next level. This is an area of special strength for me thanks to training in both genealogical and scientific research methodologies.


In this process, I will review your work in all of its aspects, and give you a report on issues regarding evidence analysis, validity of the conclusions you have drawn, your documentation and the roadmap you have followed. You can then use this to direct your own research efforts to upgrade and extend your work.

Research Plan Development:

This process generally follows after an in-depth analysis of what you have already done. You decide what your next goal is, and I will help you develop a plan of action. This would include what records to seek, what evidence these records are likely to contain and where you are most likely to find them. This can be developed in either a text or decision tree format.


If you want another pair of eyes to critique your writing, I can provide a practiced review of your genealogy and family history writing. I will prepare a report on overall style, readability, soundness of the genealogy presented and suggestions for enhancement of the overall product.