I love teaching, whether it is in a classroom, a lecture hall, or one-on-one. I started my work life with four years as a classroom instructor. Since, I have taught at all levels from high school through post graduate lectures and community adult education.

I am an enthusiastic, informed and effective communicator, especially when it concerns something I love as much as genealogy and heritage research.

One-on-one Tutoring

Decide what it is you want to learn more about so I can help you can be a better genealogist

  • How to organize and analyze what you have and plan your next steps
  • More about a particular source type such as land, military, tax or church records
  • More about how to search the Internet more effectively, how to take better notes using your computer, how to download and use what you find
  • More about genealogy software such as The Master Genealogist or Bygones
  • More about image management software


In cases of group presentations, I use a rich background of illustrative visual material, and I provide masters for handouts that support and extend the presentation. I also provide a downloadable version of the slides, a bibliography, and additional topic related aids on my website for lecture participants. Check out Lecture Topics for topics and descriptions of my prepared lectures.

Workshops / Classes

I have several classes prepared on a range of core genealogical topics. These classes run from a single two-hour session to modules of three two-and-a-half hour sessions. These can be put together in any combination up to a full semester’s offering. If given enough advance notice I can prepare additional classes on most common genealogical topics.

Classes are designed to be given over a period of time ( several weeks) to permit more audience participation. This permits the presentation to focus more on the individual participants’ needs.

The workshop format is more focused on a single topic, uses more examples from both the instructor and the participants and may include class exercises.