Organizing, Compiling and Publishing


Have you gathered a large amount of information, pictures, articles, Gedcom
files etc. which sit unexamined and unused? Have you gathered many
notes and extracted or copied a pile of documents, but never gotten
around to studying these to find out what they really tell you? Do you
want a system for organizing all of your genealogical materials so they
are of more use to you? Do you want to put your research into a format
that you can share more easily with your relatives?


I can take your raw material and put it into a form that will be of use
to you and others. This can be anything from setting up a filing
system, entering data into a genealogical database, setting up a
catalog for your pictures and scanned images to writing a research
report, a genealogy or a family history.


If you want your research put into a form better suited for sharing with
relatives, I can work with you to create a book or major report. This
can be published in print form or put on a CD or I can help you create
a website to share the research with others.