Research Services

Components of a project

In its simplest terms, you decide on what you want to discover about your genealogy, I develop a plan for how to go about finding the answer, followed by conducting the research, analyzing what was found and developing a report presenting the findings and the analysis that led to the conclusions. Obviously the components of this process expand or contract depending upon the complexity of the assignment. It might be a simple record look-up, the development of a lineage or a full family history going back many generations.

Deciding on a goal

We can start working together at this stage. I can help you focus on exactly what it is you want to learn next.

Analyzing past efforts and results

Here we further refine the goals with an eye to avoiding repetition of past work. This saves both time and money.

Developing a research plan

A good plan identifies which sources to examine, in what sequence and indicates where to find these sources.

Putting the plan into action.

Each piece of evidence is fully documented. The findings are analyzed. Conclusions are drawn and the plan is modified as needed or desired.

Preparing a report.

Quality research always results in a report that states the goals, outlines the plan, presents the evidence, discusses the analysis, presents conclusions and recommends next steps.

Every project is made up of the same basic steps. A full Genealogy or Family History is a compilation of many such individual projects as we move from defining one generation after another or fill out the life story of each new relative discovered.